Atlanta Spring Roll

Atlanta Spring Roll 2007

Sorry folks, Spring Roll 2007 has been cancelled due to lack of interest/participation. Thanks for your interest.

Atlanta Spring Roll is a beginner-friendly recreational skate event on the Silver Comet Trail, sponsored by the Georgia International Road Skating Association and hosted by the Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers. This year we will host a scaled-back event mostly for our club. We plan to grow the event to a larger audience in future years.

(Sorry, event cancelled...) Our date for 2007 was Saturday, May 12th, with a rain date of Sunday, May 20th.

This year we will start at the Mavell Road trailhead, break for lunch (sandwiches) at the Paulding Chamber of Commerce, and finish up in downtown Rockmart. For those not up to the full distance (or the earliest start time), we will have a late start at the Florence Road trailhead. We will have pickup service with volunteer drivers only this year. Pickup service will be available from the Paulding Chamber of Commerce trailhead and downtown Rockmart. Also, we will have a list of cell phone contact numbers available if you need an earlier pickup. We encourage you to bring your cell phone. (Please note not all cell phone providers have coverage in Rockmart.)

The minimum distance for new/slow skaters will be 12 miles, from the Florence Road Trailhead to the Paulding Chamber of Commerce. If you can't skate at least 12 miles we may ask you to wait until next year; please get in touch with our skate instructors for lessons in the mean time. We will have volunteers from the Atlanta Skate Patrol available to assist new or slower skaters near the end of the group.

The maximum distance if you skate the entire trip from Mavell Road to Rockmart is 38 miles.

The schedule assumes a recreational pace of 8 m.p.h. Please see our schedule page for specifics on times and locations.

APRR members please wear your t-shirts, jerseys, or skinsuits so we can have a good showing on the trail.

For more information, contact Scott Jones at or call 404-806-7251.